Munich, the Alps, Oberammergau, and more! Germany Offers a Great Travel Experience!

by • January 24, 2019

Munich, the capital of Bavaria and gateway to the Alps, has something to offer for every traveler. It has world-class museums, traditional German architecture, the annual beer celebration (Oktoberfest), local flavor to sample, such as: Brezeln (pretzels), authentic Bavarian roast pork, and Schweinhaxe with potato dumplings.

Munich is also the home of BMW, one of the best known car manufacturers in the world, where auto enthusiasts can explore the BMW Welt Museum and Headquarters. 
A short train ride south of Munich leads travelers to the Bavarian Alps, which form a stunningly beautiful divide along the Austrian border. The quaint village of Oberammergau is home to the world-famous Passion Play, held only every 10 years, a truly memorable experience not to be missed. 
Alpine blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, thick fir trees, and hilltop palaces provide opportunities for hikers, cyclists, and history buffs alike. Neuschwanstein Castle, a medieval palace built by fairytale King Ludwig II, is one of the most famous castles and was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. 
Although no photography is permitted within the palace, travelers should not miss the opportunity to explore the wonders that lie within, such as: the King’s Grotto, Throne Room, gothic style bedroom, and the elaborate Singers’ Hall. 

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