There is More to Hungary Than Just Budapest

by • September 06, 2018

Recently, my husband and I traveled to his home country of Hungary, as we have done many times before.This time we decided to start our trip in one of our favorite parts of Hungary, Lake Heviz. It’s little known by us in the USA, but is a destination that has been well-known for centuries to Europeans as a “wellness lake”. The first study about this lake was published in 1769 by Ferenc Szlaby noting its profound effects on the body to help with what we now know as arthritis. While the settlement was established in 1946 by the unification of two villages, it was granted the designation of a town on May 1st, 1992. Today, the development of the town is based on tourism and has several thousand visitors each year.
The lake of Heviz is the biggest biologically active, natural medicinal water in the world. Its temperature is affected by the combination of cold and hot spring waters coming from underground. The medicinal water breaks out from the spring cave on the surface at the rate of approximately 108 gallons per second and with a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. According to that delivery, the water in the lake changes every three and a half days and keeps uniformly clean. This is a great way to kick off your Hungarian summer vacation, as it’s just about 
2 hours from the airport by private transfer, or you can go on a day trip from Budapest. It is very economical day trip, with the benefits of spa services available right on property that you can book upon arrival.

If you choose to stay in Heviz, there are day trips available from there as well. Go to see Festetics Palace or visit the fort museum of Sumeg Var. Or even wander over to the Balaton Lake for a fantastic day trip. Spend an evening in Heviz and have dinner in the vineyard district - complete with local wine. They offer a lot of festivals in the town as well; while we were there, they had a music festival in the street with bands of all kinds on every corner.

After our four-night stay in Heviz, we made our way to Szeged where we visited family and friends. This is also a great city to visit, as it’s only 100 miles from Budapest and can be reached by train. This 
warm and welcoming city is known for its votive church which turns their plaza into a theater in the summer months that can accommodate up to 3,000 spectators. They offer many operas and musical performances all summer long. We had the privilege of watching them rehearse for the “Fiddler on the Roof” while we were there.
Szeged straddles the River Tisza and offers many outdoor eateries. They are legendary for their fisherman’s soup made with fish caught directly from the Tisza. Your meal wouldn’t be complete without an order of cottage cheese noodles topped with sour cream and bacon, and let’s not forget a palacsinta for desert! Just delicious! I hope you will consider a visit to Hungary. It is an amazing destination with lots of rich culture and history to discover.

Article by Edgerton Travel Agent, Tammy Honti


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