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2/1/20 - It is with a heavy heart that we have made a decision to close the Fort Wayne office.  We are consolidating with our experienced agents in both Mishawaka and La Porte branches. The pickups/drop offs for group tours will continue to service our Fort Wayne clients as we have for years. We would like to thank all of our Fort Wayne clients for their business and loyalty.   


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Harpreet has served us more than once. This visit with her was as pleasant as usual. Harpreet is welcoming, professional, efficient, personable and always ready to advise, accommodate, and satisfy. She is always honest, courteous, and takes extreme care to be attentive to the customer. Harpreet is why we use Edgertons. I might add, I have found all the employees welcoming and gracious and accommodating to make the customer comfortable. Harpreet is our most immediate example of the exemplary service. Thank you.

Margarette Mae K - 06/27/2023

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